GoSun Solar Dogger

GoSun Solar Dogger Review

GoSun Solar Dogger


Cincinnati-based GoSun, the team behind most successful and popular solar devices are at it again with GoSun Solar Dogger, a fuel-free solar-powered cooker that can produce superbly cooked hot dogs in less than 10 minutes on a sunny day. Everyone would like to enjoy a hot dog while relaxing outside on a warm afternoon. But most hot dog cookers rely on coals and electricity, but now you can utilize the natural energy of the sun to cook your light meals.

Created and launched by a respected brand, GoSun, the GoSun Solar Dogger excels not just in cooking a delicious hot dog but also at being a very portable cooking tool. It is capable of fitting into a clamshell case as it is lightweight and incredibly easy to carry around wherever you go. Furthermore, the groundbreaking solar technology native to the device allows people to fry up cylindrical-shaped foods even when it’s cloudy.


GoSun Solar Dogger Review

This great fuel-free portable device makes two hot dogs in less than ten minutes. The vacuum tube fitted in this device acts as an insulator and disperse heat throughout the food. The structural reflectors triple the sunlight hitting the tube. Couple this with an cloistered lid that traps heat with silicon seal, and roasts your food with the help of the kickstand and integrated multi-position base. A full range of wavelengths, sunlight angles, and intensity are absorbed from 0 degrees to 75 degrees tilt through infrared.


How GoSun Solar Dogger works

The Solar Dogger works by making use of various compound parabolic reflectors that surround a tube outfit with borosilicate glass. As sunlight becomes more intense and focused onto the tube by the reflectors, the inner cooking chamber starts to heat up. The vacuum tube then converts 80 percent of the sunlight into heat, thereby allowing it to reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this solar cooker possesses the ability to harness solar energy even when it is not entirely sunny.


The Benefits of Solar Dogger

  • It is fast – The Solar Dogger can cook a meal in less than 10 minutes as it can reach a peak temperature of 290 degrees Celsius (550 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Cooks when cloudy – The GoSun is very effective and can cook even when there is limited sunlight.
  • Portable – The Solar Dogger is a portable cooker that you can fold into a slim package and carry it everywhere.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It is fuel free- no mess, no cost, no flames.
  • Safe to use – The vacuum insulation of GoSun Solar Dogger keeps the exterior surface cool.

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GoSun Solar Dogger

A Comprehensive Review of GoSun Grill

GoSun Grill


In an attempt to outpace the diminishing fuel supply, more and more people are looking for alternative ways of powering their appliances and one of them is using GoSun Grill. This grill has grown in popularity in the recent past, thanks to its efficiency and innovative nature of using an alternative source of energy. The GoSun Grill is a solar-powered cooking appliance that is highly portable and highly efficient. It is an ideal option for use while living off the grid, hiking, or cooking in your backyard.

If you are interested in knowing more about this grill, we have compiled a GoSun Grill review to inform you of various things about this appliance.


Design and Features

The GoSun Grill features a curved and futuristic aesthetic design. It has sleek, shiny and innovative functional parts. Its parabolic mirrors focus the solar energy and deflect it onto the cooking chamber in the form of heat. The chamber holds about 80 percent of that heat thanks to its vacuum tube that serves as an insulator, thereby allowing the temperatures to reach up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooking chamber is trough-shaped and slides horizontally in and out of your grill. It can hold food that can be served to a maximum of five people. The grill comes with stainless steel cook pans, a steam tray, and a dip tray. However, it is lighter than most grills thanks to the light materials that are used to make it.



This grill is an identical replacement for your charcoal or gas grill in your backyard. The tough-shaped cooking chamber can’t fit corn or buggers. However, the cooking chambers keep the food juicy and moist. However, despite failing to accommodate most recipes, you can use GoSun Grill to prepare plenty of recipes such as vegetables, soups, meatloaf, eggs, cakes, cookies, and uncut poultry.



At less than ten pounds, the GoSun Grill is more portable than most grills; most grills weigh more than ten pounds with even some weighing over 50 pounds. When you factor in the fuel to use, then conventional grills can weigh more making them not portable. This grill is ideal for hikers, campers, or anyone who likes outdoor cooking and doesn’t want to carry fuel and ton of gadgets along with them.



The oven chamber takes 20-30 minutes to preheat and cook times of about 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the recipe and volume of food. When cooking is done, it slides easily out of your GoSun Grill.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of the vital parts of your grill such as vacuum chamber as the GoSun offers a lifetime warranty on these parts of the grill.

To clean the chamber, use a cylindrical sponge that comes with this appliance. Moreover, the stainless cooking pans used on this grill are dishwasher safe.


The Bottom line

In a nutshell, we can say that GoSun Grill is a great product that you can safely use in your backyard or outdoor cooking. It is built for efficiency, portability, and quality. This makes it an ideal product for outdoor cooking enthusiasts and people in areas that have an inconsistent supply of electricity.

GoSun Grill

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GoSun Solar Dogger

Why Are Concave Mirrors Used In Solar Cooker?

solar cooker


A solar cooker uses the energy of sunlight to pasteurize drinks or cook food. Many of these cookers on the market today are relatively inexpensive thanks to the creative use of the materials used to make these units. However, one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to these units is; “which kind of mirror is used in a solar cooker?” well, we have compiled a post on the best type of mirror that should be used in the best solar cooker and why they are used;


Why Are Concave Mirrors Used In Solar Cooker?

Concave mirrors are the best mirrors to use in these cookers. This is because they are the only types of mirrors that reflect sunlight in towards a single focal point. If you use a convex mirror for your cooker, it will not work since they do not have a focal point. A convex mirror reflects light to an imaginary point that exists behind the surface of the mirror. This will make the light reflect up and away from the convex mirror focal point. A flat mirror, on the other hand, doesn’t have a focal point; it reflects off all of its lights on different points meaning that it cannot be used to harness solar energy.

The concave mirror takes all light that comes on its surface and reflects it all towards the focal point. The reflected light at the focal point is extremely powerful. It carries a lot of thermal energy and is very bright. The thermal energy produced is equivalent to taking a magnifying glass to burn a piece of paper. The concave mirror works in the same way as the magnifying glass as both collect light from the sun and gathers it into a single point. The cooking pot is placed on the focal point where the light is concentrated. The energy is powerful enough to smelt weak metals and melt salt. However, for a solar cooker, the temperatures are designed to achieve temperatures of 65-400 degrees Celsius on a sunny day.

solar cooker

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GoSun Solar Dogger

Reasons to Use Solar Oven

Solar Oven


A solar oven uses energy from the sun to cook food. While they come in various designs, the most common is a box that you put your food. The box has a reflective metal and has a glass cover. The sun is harnessed by the cooker and amplified inside the box to cook your food to your desired temperature. Your food gets cooked with nothing but the sun. Here are reasons you need to invest in buying a solar oven;


To Save Cost

They are relatively cheap, and you can spend several tens of dollars to purchase the best solar oven. They are not only cheap to purchase, but also when using since you will not be paying any bills for the energy consumed by your oven. Since it uses free solar energy, you will be saving money every time you use it over electric or traditional gas oven.


It Is Environmentally Friendly

Since you will not be using electric or gas oven, you will be reducing your carbon footprint impact on the environment. It will also enable you to cook flavorful food that has no gas smell. Cooking on a grill or in open fire will still be harmful to the environment, but with these units, there are no byproducts of cooking with one.


It Is Easy To Use

The benefits of these ovens won’t mean anything if they are too complicated for the average person to use. Luckily, they couldn’t be easier to use. Compared to grill, open flame, or stove where you have to watch, stir or flip what you are cooking, with these ovens it is very easy as you will only need to set your food and they will cook themselves.


It Is a Perfect Option for Those Living Off Grid

If you are an outdoor person, these ovens will be an excellent option for you as it will enable you to cook your food anywhere, anytime, as long there is solar power.

A solar oven is a great, healthy, and low budget option for anyone looking for an effective alternative option to traditional ovens.

Solar Oven

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Pros and Cons of Portable Solar Oven

portable solar oven


A portable solar oven is an appliance that uses solar energy to cook food instead of electricity or gas. They come in various configurations and sizes, all of which have their pros and cons.

Today’s post will focus on the pros and cons of using the best portable solar oven for cooking.


Pros of a Portable Solar Oven

One of the greatest advantages of using a portable solar oven is their eco-friendly nature. They help you avoid dependence on electricity or gas. You can also reduce carbon monoxide emission, maintain better air quality, and enjoy cooler temperatures in your indoors environment.

Another major benefit is that solar energy use free and clean source of energy. To use a portable solar oven, all you need for it to operate is sunlight. This means that you can save a significant amount of money in the long term. As a result, they are being adopted in different parts of the world for people who want to reduce their power and fuel bills.

They cook food in a quality way. There is no danger of food getting fuel or gas flavors since solar energy is a clean source of energy. Whether you are using your portable solar oven for roasting, grilling, or baking, your food will retain softness and moisture if it’s cooked in the required time.


Cons of a Portable Solar Oven

Cooking with these ovens obviously requires solar energy, which is sometimes less during rainy days and winter months. Cooking also takes longer time as compared to conventional methods. Therefore, users must schedule their cooking time to maximize the use of sunlight.

Solar cookers do not retain heat for a longer time as compared to modern cooking devices. Factors such as rain, wind, and snow can reduce heat retention rate; cooked foods will lose warmth very quickly during cold weather. For you to avoid these inconveniences, you need to install a backup appliance at home that uses either electricity or gas.

However, the pros override the cons, and therefore, we can recommend it to people who want to eat quality foods at low cost. The portable solar oven is the way to go.

portable solar oven

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What Materials Can Be Used To Make a Portable Solar Oven?

portable solar oven


Making the best portable solar oven at home is easy when you have access to good supplies of materials at an affordable price. Sometimes, all of the best materials may not be available in your area of residence. That’s why we would like to help you by enlightening you of other materials that can be used in place of the needed best material.

One of the most important materials is the reflective sheeting or something that can be used as reflector panels. You also need a lining for the interior of the solar boxes.

There are a variety of reflective materials such as aluminum foil, reflective tape, Mylar, aluminum printers’ plates, reflective paint, and even mirrors. The best reflective material is aluminum foil or Mylar, but if these two are not available, you can use the other materials.

Mylar is a durable material that can be found in plant nurseries and hardware stores.


Materials Need for The Structure of Box Cooker or Casing

Cardboard- this is an economical material that can be accessed readily. It can be folded or cut to dimensions or shapes of solar oven, not only for the box or housing but also for the reflector boards. However, cardboards are less durable and can lose its shape easier after repeated use; to avoid low quality cardboard, purchase those priced a little bit higher to save yourself time to make new portable solar oven now and then.

To build a more economical and durable portable solar oven; wood is the best material for constructing casing or the enclosure of your cooker. Wood is more durable and can withstand various elements for longer periods. Obtain wood from your local timber or hardware supply store.


Material for Insulation

Here you can use everything from hay and grass to packing peanuts and newspapers. Of course, some are more effective than others. Most people that build home solar ovens use stacked or crumpled newspaper, stacked or folded cardboard or even bale cotton. These offers effective insulation barrier. Modern insulation materials include fiberglass and certain foam insulation among others. They offer great insulation for your portable solar oven.

portable solar oven

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How to Make a Portable Solar Oven


You can make your own portable solar oven and use it to cook your food. We compiled all the things you need and how to build one.

Here are the materials that you need to build the best portable solar oven at home;

  • One medium-sized cardboard box
  • Glue
  • A roll of aluminum foil



Cut off any of the two opposing sides of the cardboard box and include the rectangles at the top of it into your piece. Ensure that you don’t cut the neighboring sides of your box as these two pieces should have the same size. You should have two flat pieces with folds on top, and both pieces should be of the same size.

Draw ray lines on both pieces of each panel starting at a corner next to the fold and draw the raw lines outward toward the opposing edge of the same side. You should have about five ray lines on each side of the box. These ray lines will act as fold pieces.

Next, cut from the origin of the lines along the base of the fold, but only cut halfway up the fold.

Now fold on all of the flap lines that you made and then glue your aluminum foil on the inside of your box. Now fit them in two “L” shapes where the folded rectangle portions each other and the small folds join with each other.

Join your pieces securely and reinforce them so that your portable solar oven can stand on its own. Now place a small piece of cardboard and place it at the corner of the bottom panels where the two pieces join. Apply glue to this piece and then make two pencil-sized openings in the upper fold of your joining portion. Run a string through the holes and tie it after you have adjusted your panels.

Your portable solar oven should be complete and ready to cook light meals.

Portable Solar Oven

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How Does a Portable Solar Oven Work?


Portable solar oven work by means of the sun UV rays. A solar oven allows the UV light rays in and then convert them to infrared light rays that can be retained. Infrared radiation has the required energy to make fat, protein, and water molecules in food vibrate dynamically and heat up.

What you should know about solar cooking is that it isn’t the sun’s heat that cooks your meals, nor is it the ambient temperatures on the outside, though this can affect the rate at which your food cook, but rather, it’s the sun rays converted to heat energy that cooks your meals. And this heat is then retained by the pan or pot using a lid or covering.

Here are the three main components to best portable solar ovens and how they help in cooking;

  • Concentration – The sun rays are often concentrated by petals and reflecting surfaces to a point. These reflecting panels or petals are made of shiny and reflective materials such as aluminum, chromium, and silver. They are made shiny to speed up the process of heat accumulation.
  • Absorption – The sun’s energy is absorbed in solar cooking by the darkened surface in oven interiors. The surfaces are usually black. Dark colors absorb heat and transfer food more quickly to the food.
  • Retention – This is the final stage in the solar oven cooking. If a solar oven is not well insulated or doesn’t have a lid or cover, then all of the intense heat and absorbed energy would quickly disperse into the air before heating the food. The best portable solar oven must have the means to hold and trap the concentrated heat thereby allowing it concentrate to a level that’s sufficient enough to be able to cook effectively.

Finally, most ovens have transparent reflective material/lid to allow the sun rays to penetrate inside; this helps to accelerate the rate of cooking and also helps in heat retention.

Portable Solar Oven

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Portable Solar Oven

portable solar oven


Solar technology is becoming a part of everyday life in our today’s world. Much of the home appliances and automobiles can now be powered with the use of solar technology, including cooking your meals. Regardless of whether you want to cook in the indoors or your backyard, portable solar ovens can be a great way to cook your meals.

Solar ovens cook with just use of solar energy, and you can also use them on dull days. Many solar ovens can heat up just like standard gas or electric ovens can. You can bake, grill, boil, and even steam food.

In today’s post, we will talk about the best portable solar oven.


What is a portable solar oven?

Also known as portable solar cooker, a portable solar oven is a device that harnesses sunlight energy and converts it to a source of heat for cooking food. A solar oven is a simple, economical, efficient, and portable tool.

In developing world, they are much more preferred over other methods of cooking meals. Of the many benefits of a portable solar oven, the greatest is its freedom from reliance on fuel. This means that they eliminate persistent labor costs associated with cooking and also helps in preserving scant resources in the long term.


What Are The Different Types Of Portable Solar Ovens?

Solar ovens come in many designs each employing an array of different approaches and materials. The basic designs are as follows;

  • A box cooker – This consists of various mirrored panels that focus sunlight towards an insulated box that has a transparent top used to permit solar radiation. Black-painted pans and cooking pots are placed inside the box.
  • Parabolic cookers – They use a parabolic mirror to focus their beam to a central point where the cooking container is placed. It can generate very high temperatures.
  • Hybrid cooker – This is a box cooker fitted with a supplementary electrical heating system that can be used at night or when it’s dull.
  • Panel cookers – They are made of corrugated cardboard and covered with a reflector such as Mylar or aluminum foil. They focus rays onto a black cooking pot kept inside an insulating bag.

That’s all we had for you about a portable solar oven.

Portable Solar Oven

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