GoSun Solar Dogger Review

GoSun Solar Dogger


Cincinnati-based GoSun, the team behind most successful and popular solar devices are at it again with GoSun Solar Dogger, a fuel-free solar-powered cooker that can produce superbly cooked hot dogs in less than 10 minutes on a sunny day. Everyone would like to enjoy a hot dog while relaxing outside on a warm afternoon. But most hot dog cookers rely on coals and electricity, but now you can utilize the natural energy of the sun to cook your light meals.

Created and launched by a respected brand, GoSun, the GoSun Solar Dogger excels not just in cooking a delicious hot dog but also at being a very portable cooking tool. It is capable of fitting into a clamshell case as it is lightweight and incredibly easy to carry around wherever you go. Furthermore, the groundbreaking solar technology native to the device allows people to fry up cylindrical-shaped foods even when it’s cloudy.


GoSun Solar Dogger Review

This great fuel-free portable device makes two hot dogs in less than ten minutes. The vacuum tube fitted in this device acts as an insulator and disperse heat throughout the food. The structural reflectors triple the sunlight hitting the tube. Couple this with an cloistered lid that traps heat with silicon seal, and roasts your food with the help of the kickstand and integrated multi-position base. A full range of wavelengths, sunlight angles, and intensity are absorbed from 0 degrees to 75 degrees tilt through infrared.


How GoSun Solar Dogger works

The Solar Dogger works by making use of various compound parabolic reflectors that surround a tube outfit with borosilicate glass. As sunlight becomes more intense and focused onto the tube by the reflectors, the inner cooking chamber starts to heat up. The vacuum tube then converts 80 percent of the sunlight into heat, thereby allowing it to reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this solar cooker possesses the ability to harness solar energy even when it is not entirely sunny.


The Benefits of Solar Dogger

  • It is fast – The Solar Dogger can cook a meal in less than 10 minutes as it can reach a peak temperature of 290 degrees Celsius (550 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Cooks when cloudy – The GoSun is very effective and can cook even when there is limited sunlight.
  • Portable – The Solar Dogger is a portable cooker that you can fold into a slim package and carry it everywhere.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • It is fuel free- no mess, no cost, no flames.
  • Safe to use – The vacuum insulation of GoSun Solar Dogger keeps the exterior surface cool.

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