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A Complete Review of the GoSun Stove Products

When we think of technology in the cooking industry, the GoSun Stove is definitely one key enterprise that cannot be overlooked. Truly, the beauty of technology is that it is revolutionary in nature. Just when we thought we had seen it all, Patrick Sherwin, the founder of GoSun Stove amazed everyone with his state-of-the-art invention. What began as a long morning of dismantling a typical water heating contraption, turned out to be the birth of the idea of building a potent sun cooking stove.

Want to learn more about this amazing technology and how it can help you? Read our detailed review below and discover.

GoSun Stove Review

The GoSun Stove is designed to convert the ever-free solar light into a fast, practical and efficient source of cooking energy. With it, you can steam, fry, bake and even boil food as long as you can access the sun. Put simply, it is ultimately the perfect outdoor cooking solution. What’s even most catchy, using this device registers you to the movement that is sworn to battle the global warming menace.

Why Should You Choose the GoSun Stove?

Admittedly, the GoSun stove company is not the only solar cooker manufacturer on the market today. Even so, their primary strength lies in cooking speeds, portability, lower pricing to value ratio, and most importantly ease of use. Let’s cover each in detail.

  • Ease of Use

Unlike most other related solar stoves, GoSun is fully automated. All you have to do is prepare your food, place it in the heating chamber, set the time you want to wait, and allow the device some time to perform its magic.

  • Portability

Camping or backpacking demands adventure. You certainly don’t want to waste time seated gazing at the cooking pot. Instead, you want to explore which is exactly what the GoSun offers you- luxury and convenience. For instance, if you are out there fishing, you can place the grill on board, put some fish inside, and explore the waters while the stove does the cooking for you. What if it is not getting much light? The stove is light in nature - you can easily carry it around and adjust it to an angle that you deem fit.

  • Cooking Speeds

A hungry man is an angry one. That proverb must have guided the company engineers when they were building the packs that are up for sale currently. This stove works super-fast and will, therefore, get things done very fast for you. For example, frying a quarter kilo of meat in full sun takes you 30 minutes or less. But note that the keyword here is "full sun." Otherwise, a cloudy, sunny day might push the 30 minutes to about two hours. In a nutshell, the sun is its key strength is also its primary weakness.

  • Pricing

Naturally, when shopping, you’ll want an item that gives you more value for the money you spend on it. While GoSun Stove isn’t the cheapest cooking solution out there, the experience, convenience, and durability you harvest out of it eventually surpass the excellence mark. The science behind its crafting, as we shall see in a moment, is quite complex. Therefore, it requires relatively expensive construction materials and an absolute duty of care on the side of the manufacturer to achieve a safer and efficient means of cooking. In the end, the value you get undeniably towers over the price.

How GoSun Stove Works

Once you purchase this device, the first thing you’ll realize is its ability to make your cooking process simple. Below we explain how this amazing device works.

  • The Science

The GoSun Stove has two key parts namely the borosilicate vacuum tube and the double winged aluminum parabolic reflectors.

The reflectors’ principal function is to direct sunlight onto the vacuum tube which then heats the chamber where the food rests. From our cooking experience, we know better that utensils built out of aluminum conduct heat faster than their steel counterparts. That explains the logical reason why the manufacturers used the material for its core part. On the other hand, a vacuum tube is employed to facilitate insulation, absorbing, and preserving heat. As such, it stores the heat conducted from the aluminum coating before transmitting it to the innermost region where the actual cooking happens. On average, the temperature goes up to 280 degrees Celsius which is close to the figure a conventional oven gives. Truly a commendable job from the engineering team at GoSun.

The Different GoSun Stove Packs

Looking for options? GoSun is a company that overflows with varieties. We are confident they will have a perfect oven for whatever cooking objective you have in mind. Take a moment and explore below a list of the most popular ones.

  • GoSun Sport
  • GoSun Grill
  • GoSun Solar Dogger
  • GoSun Sport Pro Pack

GoSun Sport

From the analysis of the sales and reviews on the manufacturer’s website, GoSun Sport is without a doubt the company’s best seller stove. It has numerous excellent reviews and customer feedbacks although this is not surprising considering the incentives that come with it. Firstly, it has a 2-year warranty, ships for free to the US citizens, and guarantees a refund of your money if it doesn’t deliver. This is truly a confident assurance coming from a five-year-old company. For portability, the wings are foldable, and the resulting weight comes to about 3.4kg/7.5lb.

GoSun Grill

Dreaming of taking your whole family out on camping? Thanks to this revolutionary grill, you can prepare a meal for up to eight people. Astoundingly, this is over four times the capacity of the GoSun Sport Oven. And the best part is? It retains the food’s flavor and cooks even quite fast.

Solar Dogger

The Solar Dogger stove is for prepping light meals such as hot dogs and sausages. In just less than ten minutes and your favorite quick bites are ready. How deliciously convenient can this get?

GoSun Sport Pro

Now, the Sport Pro stove is the ultimate pack. It combines all the features you get from all the other packs into one. Even better, it comes with a free carrying case for transportation, a cooking tray, and a silicone baking pan.

Pros of GoSun Stove

  • Offers a clean source of energy- these stove helps combat the global warming problem.
  • Versatile - Prepare all your favorite meals faster, safer and cheaper using this all-in-one cooking solution.
  • Easy to Use - The GoSun stove is fully automated. It’s basically “a relax-and-eat-in-a-few” sunny model.
  • Portable - Carry the stove anywhere you want. It is the 21st-century mobile kitchen.
  • Retains The Food Flavor - This way, you’re able to save the natural flavor to have you savor the moment.

Cons of GoSun Stove

  • The GoSun Stove is a tad costly.
  • It performs poorly in unstable solar weathers.

Verdict: Are GoSun Stove Products Worth the Money?

Honestly, the GoSun stoves are the revolutionary fuel alternative gadgets that the world greatly need to battle the cruel pangs of global warming. The fact that they cook better and faster, are durable and easy to operate are enough reasons to recommend to anyone who understands their value. Nevertheless, we feel that the company has done little to ensure the stoves become affordable and accessible to anyone residing outside the USA. Otherwise, we appreciate the innovative team behind GoSun Stove!

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