How to Make a Portable Solar Oven


You can make your own portable solar oven and use it to cook your food. We compiled all the things you need and how to build one.

Here are the materials that you need to build the best portable solar oven at home;

  • One medium-sized cardboard box
  • Glue
  • A roll of aluminum foil



Cut off any of the two opposing sides of the cardboard box and include the rectangles at the top of it into your piece. Ensure that you don’t cut the neighboring sides of your box as these two pieces should have the same size. You should have two flat pieces with folds on top, and both pieces should be of the same size.

Draw ray lines on both pieces of each panel starting at a corner next to the fold and draw the raw lines outward toward the opposing edge of the same side. You should have about five ray lines on each side of the box. These ray lines will act as fold pieces.

Next, cut from the origin of the lines along the base of the fold, but only cut halfway up the fold.

Now fold on all of the flap lines that you made and then glue your aluminum foil on the inside of your box. Now fit them in two ā€œLā€ shapes where the folded rectangle portions each other and the small folds join with each other.

Join your pieces securely and reinforce them so that your portable solar oven can stand on its own. Now place a small piece of cardboard and place it at the corner of the bottom panels where the two pieces join. Apply glue to this piece and then make two pencil-sized openings in the upper fold of your joining portion. Run a string through the holes and tie it after you have adjusted your panels.

Your portable solar oven should be complete and ready to cook light meals.

Portable Solar Oven

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