What Materials Can Be Used To Make a Portable Solar Oven?

portable solar oven


Making the best portable solar oven at home is easy when you have access to good supplies of materials at an affordable price. Sometimes, all of the best materials may not be available in your area of residence. That’s why we would like to help you by enlightening you of other materials that can be used in place of the needed best material.

One of the most important materials is the reflective sheeting or something that can be used as reflector panels. You also need a lining for the interior of the solar boxes.

There are a variety of reflective materials such as aluminum foil, reflective tape, Mylar, aluminum printers’ plates, reflective paint, and even mirrors. The best reflective material is aluminum foil or Mylar, but if these two are not available, you can use the other materials.

Mylar is a durable material that can be found in plant nurseries and hardware stores.


Materials Need for The Structure of Box Cooker or Casing

Cardboard- this is an economical material that can be accessed readily. It can be folded or cut to dimensions or shapes of solar oven, not only for the box or housing but also for the reflector boards. However, cardboards are less durable and can lose its shape easier after repeated use; to avoid low quality cardboard, purchase those priced a little bit higher to save yourself time to make new portable solar oven now and then.

To build a more economical and durable portable solar oven; wood is the best material for constructing casing or the enclosure of your cooker. Wood is more durable and can withstand various elements for longer periods. Obtain wood from your local timber or hardware supply store.


Material for Insulation

Here you can use everything from hay and grass to packing peanuts and newspapers. Of course, some are more effective than others. Most people that build home solar ovens use stacked or crumpled newspaper, stacked or folded cardboard or even bale cotton. These offers effective insulation barrier. Modern insulation materials include fiberglass and certain foam insulation among others. They offer great insulation for your portable solar oven.

portable solar oven

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