Portable Solar Oven

portable solar oven


Solar technology is becoming a part of everyday life in our today’s world. Much of the home appliances and automobiles can now be powered with the use of solar technology, including cooking your meals. Regardless of whether you want to cook in the indoors or your backyard, portable solar ovens can be a great way to cook your meals.

Solar ovens cook with just use of solar energy, and you can also use them on dull days. Many solar ovens can heat up just like standard gas or electric ovens can. You can bake, grill, boil, and even steam food.

In today’s post, we will talk about the best portable solar oven.


What is a portable solar oven?

Also known as portable solar cooker, a portable solar oven is a device that harnesses sunlight energy and converts it to a source of heat for cooking food. A solar oven is a simple, economical, efficient, and portable tool.

In developing world, they are much more preferred over other methods of cooking meals. Of the many benefits of a portable solar oven, the greatest is its freedom from reliance on fuel. This means that they eliminate persistent labor costs associated with cooking and also helps in preserving scant resources in the long term.


What Are The Different Types Of Portable Solar Ovens?

Solar ovens come in many designs each employing an array of different approaches and materials. The basic designs are as follows;

  • A box cooker – This consists of various mirrored panels that focus sunlight towards an insulated box that has a transparent top used to permit solar radiation. Black-painted pans and cooking pots are placed inside the box.
  • Parabolic cookers – They use a parabolic mirror to focus their beam to a central point where the cooking container is placed. It can generate very high temperatures.
  • Hybrid cooker – This is a box cooker fitted with a supplementary electrical heating system that can be used at night or when it’s dull.
  • Panel cookers – They are made of corrugated cardboard and covered with a reflector such as Mylar or aluminum foil. They focus rays onto a black cooking pot kept inside an insulating bag.

That’s all we had for you about a portable solar oven.

Portable Solar Oven

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