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What to Look For When Buying The Best Solar Oven

What is a solar oven? Essentially, it is a device designed to capture energy from the sunlight and convert it into heat. It is an excellent alternative to the fuel, firewood, and electric ovens since it is naturally harmless to the environment and costs nothing to operate.

Because the oven is safe and significantly remedies the likelihood of accidental fires and pollution occurrence, the manufacturers and proponents of the oven recommend it for outdoor activities where the risk is high. Currently, the market offers both low-tech and high-end devices, but the variance of either is in the cooking speeds, the complexity of technology, capacity among other factors that we shall cover later on.

Eager to get your hands on this oven? Today, we shall cover all the basics you should have in mind when purchasing this appliance. We shall begin by covering the reasons why you should consider owning one. Next, we’ll traverse to the factors that will assist you to identify an ideal one. Finally, we shall provide you with quick and helpful tips to get the most out of your solar oven.

Why Buy a Solar Oven?

Here we will consider the drive behind purchasing a solar oven.

  • Safe to The Environment

Unlike firewood or gaseous stoves, this oven cooks without releasing any harmful substances back to the atmosphere such as smoke. And as you will acknowledge, pollution is one of those factors that is increasing global warming. Thus, any workaround that aims to address this challenge ought to be embraced without question.

  • Retains Natural Food Flavor

The truth about dining is that everyone savors meals with a natural aroma and flavor. Did you know this oven preserves the food’s integrity and retains its delicious taste? Well, it ensures no vitamins or proteins leach away as is the norm with uncontrollable cooking methods such as the use of firewood.

  • Portability

Think of any cooking method that is cheap, safe and reliable that you can carry along anywhere you go. If you can’t find any, then solar oven should be your best friend. Most consist of light materials and are foldable to increase portability.

  • Uses Unlimited Energy

Sunlight is free and unlimited. The amount of time or the number of people that utilize it doesn’t matter. It will always be present and sufficient for everyone. Compare this to electricity which faces outages occasionally, and the solar oven choice will make perfect sense.

  • Enhances Participation in Hobbies

Is fishing your hobby? Probably you wouldn’t be comfy making a fire to cook in your boat. But obviously, you’d consider a device that cooks with minimal supervision and gives you time to handle your errands, right? This oven will suffice here.

Now that that the reasons for using a solar oven are apparent, what factors should you consider when deciding to buy one?

  • Weight and Mass

How big and heavy is your oven? Weight and mass impact the portability of your appliance. You certainly don’t want to purchase an oven that burdens you when transporting. Even worse, buying one that strong winds will knock over and destroy your meals. The standard weight is about twenty pounds. As for the mass, some manufacturers introduced the foldable feature that could reduce the size of the oven significantly and enhance transport. You could benefit a lot from these.

  • Durability

The longer an oven can serve, the more value it adds to the cooking experience. The best solar oven should not only last longer but also be effective while at it. It should require minimal repairs and if possible zero maintenance fee.

  • Price

You should weigh the value against the cost of an oven. For obvious reasons, large and complex ovens will cost more than their small-scale counterparts. They can, for example, cook more food faster and still conserve more energy. So, the high cost will in return offer you more value. Consider that which works within your budget and remains convenient for your everyday use.

  • Ease of Assembly

The best oven will either come with a comprehensive manual or be self-explanatory in regards to its assembly. For instance, some devices have reflector panels that require modification before firing the heater. How well the manufacturer explains the feature, will ultimately influence your decision to acquire it. Logically, you won’t appreciate a device that requires too much hassle to utilize.

  • Leveling Feature

To get the most out of an oven, the surface area that traps sunlight has to be broad enough. A good one should have leveling stands that are flexible to movement. These enable you to adjust and position the oven at an angle with optimal light.

  • Availability of Spare Parts

In case the solar oven faults, how easy will it be to repair? Ensure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer who is likely to give you warranty or better still fix for you with minimal charges.

  • Quality of the Oven

The best solar oven integrates all the factors mentioned above and presents them in one masterpiece. The higher the quality, the better it serves you since it increases reliability, efficiency and overall convenience.

What to Avoid When Purchasing Solar Ovens

  • Uncertified Ovens

Any cooking appliance should pass the safety test by the appropriate consumer regulatory authorities. Avoid buying ovens from a manufacturer that is yet to be certified to supply such products. Otherwise, you risk compromising your health from consumption of foods prepared by such a device.

  • Unwarranted Ovens

If the manufacturers are not confident enough with the oven they sell to you, why should you even consider it in the first place? Who will compensate you when it breaks down prematurely?

  • Solar Ovens Without Instruction Manuals

Shun away from ovens that have no direction regarding their usage. Why? You risk tampering with core elements when assembling one and causing accidents or even permanent damage to the cooker.

Tips on Extending the Solar Oven’s Service Life

After purchasing, the next thing you probably want is a longer service life. Here’s how to lengthen it:

  • Clean your oven regularly to reduce rust formation and contamination of food.
  • Avoid exposing your device to rain as this will likely damage the core components.
  • Never leave your appliance unattended for long hours. If possible, turn on the automatic power off feature.

Wrap Up

After outlining all the essentials, it is now up to you to make the final decision. But always keep in mind that global warming is gradually evolving into a menace that we cannot ignore. So, it is imperative that we fight pollution and choose clean forms of energy. The solution begins with you. Choose wisely, choose a solar oven.

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